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cheap louis vuitton outlet design inspiration, season creative director Karl Lagerfeld selected Cuba is full of vitality and has a unique historical place! This season holiday series, Chanel breath introduced nearly 80 new bags, a series of classic Style fusion of Cuba 's logo elements, colorful colors show the vitality of Cuba' s perfect side; designed to use uniform material, linen, stamps, etc., But also the Cuban Cuban military style, in which the rainbow Chanel Boy most eye -catching, classic bag models put on new clothes suddenly filled with a sense of fun, absolutely worthy of collection! Line to the poor sit the sky watching the clouds from the water when we are concerned, to share more fashion information our micro-signal: zkyqyb Chanel 'Paris in Rome,' senior handmade Square Series will soon reproduce in Beijing, BoF opened for you behind, Chanel Group, Carpenter art, to explore the strategic layout of the market. Paris, France - Another week, Chanel 's' Paris In Rome 'series of senior hand Workshop (Métiers d' Art) will be the first louis vuitton bags outlet

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louis vuitton outlet store traditional hand-square acquisition, the Group set up a special subsidiary in 1997, Paraffection, is responsible for the unified management of all its handmade Square. At present, the Group has Lesage embroidery Square, Lemarié camellia and plume Square, Maison Michel Hatting Square, Desrues button and jewelry jewelry factory , Goossens gold and silver products Workshop, Massaro shoe Square, Guillet Flower Square, Montex Embroidery Square, Causse gloves Square, Barrie Knitting Square, Lognon fold Square, and so on more than 10 workshops. Many of these workshops have a hundred years of history , In the early days of high fashion is an integral part of the industry. Previously, BoF had interviews with Pavlovsky, who was also the head of Paraffection, who revealed that people such as Desrues, Lemarié, Maison Michel, Massaro and Lesage had worked Closely with Coco Chanel himselfThe workshop has a few gentleman of the Covenant, that is, if the workshop followed no one, then please Chanel involved. louis vuitton purses outlet

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louis vuitton handbags outlet products to promote, especially Le Volume and Les Beiges make-up products. Chanel did not disclose specific figures, but according to industry estimates, in 2013 the cosmetics industry, including Make-up, skin care and perfume, the income of 4.4 billion euros ($ 5.84 billion), Chanel in WWD Top 100 Ranked 9th in Beauty Beauty, followed by Beiersdorf and Johnson amp; Johnson, before Kao Corp. and LVMH Group Escada 's new CEO: Glenn McMahon Escada' finally 'announced that Glenn McMahon will succeed Bruno S to become the new CEO. Glenn McMahon resigned from St. John in 2013 to join the Tamara Mellon brand as CEO until now, but also in The United States Armani, Donna Karan and Dolce Gabbana held significant positions. Escada personnel changes during the year frequently, in part because Bruno S climbing out and left many of the key personnel together to the new owner Bench. Lost team, Escada has appointed new COO J J Wahlers, retailer Ronny Borck and Edith Chen louis vuitton factory outlet